Inna Heights

Inna Heights
メーカー Penthouse Records
アーティスト Buju Banton
ランキング 183,823位
新品 934円
中古 1円
2018/2/20 23:13 +0900 時点
リリース 1997/11/25
EAN 7377482068204


  1. Our Father In Zion
  2. Hills And Valleys
  3. Inter Lingua
  4. Destiny
  5. African Pride
  6. Cry No More
  7. My Woman Now
  8. Small Axe
  9. Inter Lingua
  10. Redder Than Red
  11. Single Parent
  12. Inter Lingua
  13. Give I Strength
  14. Close One Yesterday
  15. Inter Lingua
  16. Love Dem Bad
  17. Love Sponge
  18. Inter Lingua
  19. Mother's Cry
  20. 54 / 46
  21. Circumstances



With the release of 1995's Til Shiloh, reggae's premiere dancehall DJ proved he is as powerful a singer as he is a chanter. A quintessential Jamaican genius, Buju is a nexus of everything about that music culture that awes and frustrates outsiders who fall under its spell. This 21-track follow-up is every bit Shiloh's equal, even an unimaginable step forward. "Our Father in Zion," "Destiny," and "African Pride" swell the heart as full as any of Marley's compositions, while "Redder Than Red," "My Woman Now," and "Love Dem Bad" prove Buju's still dancehall's Mr. Mention. Best of all, Buju reconciles reggae's divided soul, suggesting that the mountaintop Rastaman and the ghetto rude boy are one and the same. --Elena Oumano